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November 2016

TCIR, the website for TCI Investment Club members

Nov 30, 2016: Beware of New Canadian Owned Private Banks developing throughout Canada. This is a new avenue fraudsters are hiding behind to entice investors into handing over their hard-earned money. It doesn’t take much to set one up. Everything that is needed is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars, two directors on the account (usually a lawyer, accountant and the owner of the account) and the trustee of the money. Then they’re off pitching high yield investments where investor funds are deposited into a facilitated Canadian chartered bank account which is then sent off to an offshore bank for some wild and crazy "gold mine" investment that never exists. It has been reported that meetings have taken place in the Strathroy area pitching this investment concept. Anne Rath could be the ideal puppet as a trustee for one of these private banks, since she has been one all along with her hubby Bill’s assets hidden under her own name.

Nov 17, 2016: It has come to the attention of observant and thorough analysts that during the short term Kevin Rath had a Mortgage Agent License he was involved with a group of others, some licensed mortgage brokers and others not, in a massive syndicated mortgage pitch operation. Records indicate that during his time as an agent over one hundred ten-million dollars was raised with syndicated investors earning mortgage agents, brokers and non-license individuals a whopping seventeen and half million dollars in commissions. Shortly after the expiration of Kevin’s License several of the syndicated mortgage projects ran into default. Just what Kevin actually earned hasn’t been proven yet, however, there is a new trustee on the scene that may go after those who made several hundred thousand off the operation. Beware Kevin, you might be one of them and they may be coming after you.

Nov 1, 2016:This didn’t take long: The FSCO has asked a court to appoint a Bankruptcy Trustee to oversee and administer (110 million dollars in Syndicated Mortgage) Investor funds from all those mentioned on the recent postings. 16 Development projects, all by the same Developer, are now under a court appointed trustee to recover investor funds.
Kevin Rath was the in-house agent for Capstone in London which sold the above projects.
The issue now is: where did these funds go?

Oct 27/2016: The FSCO is cracking down on syndicated mortgages and the Brokers and Agents passing them off as secure and sound investments. The FSCO are revoking the licenses of two brokers and an agent who violated some of the Acts. These same brokers and agent are the ones where Jeff Watson, previously running as Capstone Financial and The 8% Guys in London was referring potential syndicated mortgage investors. It was also where Kevin Rath worked as an agent for Dominion Mortgage. Rath’s License is now expired, but it has been reported that large in-house meetings were held in the area where his residence is, along with what appears to be one his father’s motor homes which was parked where a meeting was taking place.

Oct 27/2016: Attached is an astute article about how and why fraudsters target churches and congregations:
We assume that Bill Rath, Kevin Rath, Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath are still involved in promoting some new "project" and hope their victims are doing background checks on these men.

Oct 14/2016: This is a new scam to watch out for:

Sept 29,2016: A B.C. woman is sent to jail for Ponzi Scheme:

Sept 12, 2016: Received from a Michigan member: Lansing, Michigan twin brothers each got 10 to 20 years in prison for running a Ponzi Scam that involved more than 250 investors and $18.3 million dollars.
"This is peanuts compared to TCI. And these two each got 10 to 20 years. Based on this, Bill Rath and Ross Alexander would each get 200 years."

July 28m 2016: Is Bill Rath's cowardice placing his wife Anne in jeopardy legally? That question has been asked numerous times by members who have read our postings. Based on evidence we are aware of, Anne could be charged with tax evasion, money laundering, bribery of numerous federal officials, all very serious crimes. Also, TCI members can thank Anne for siphoning 1.5 million dollars, likely from the funds we invested.
The intent was likely to hide Bill Rath's connection to these dealings however professionals confirm that agencies such as CRA would be charging Anne, not Bill. Does that mean he doesn't mind if she goes to jail instead of him???

June 21, 2016: Bill Rath is known to have had plastic surgery to alter his appearance while on the run for over ten years. It is likely that he had inside help to return to Canada as his passport photo would need to be altered. He had been travelling freely using a Diplomatic passport which would have involved bribes to government officials.

June 14, 2016: An undisclosed source sent information about Anne Rath's former bank account at the Royal Bank at Baseline and Boler Roads in London, Ontario. From the late 1990s until 2006 large sums of money were transferred from offshore into her account. Well over a million dollars was accumulated until it was transferred in 2006 to banks in Costa Rica and Mexico. Rath owned properties in both of those countries and was on the run by that time.

June 14, 2016: Here is a jail sentence for a Canadian promoting tax avoidance strategies.
Had Duncan Goheen and Nelson Bayford been investigated, they might have received similar treatment by the courts.

May 27, 2016: An undisclosed sender forwarded information that Bill Rath has made several private cell calls to Costa Rica and Europe since he has been home. He is using a cellphone listed in a third party name but owned by Ann Rath. Bill seems to have a habit of putting things in his wife's name....which begs the question: why is he hiding behind her?

May 13, 2016: We wonder where Bill Rath and his wife are living now that they are home. With Ross Alexanders' house closing at the end of the month, have Bill and Ross bought another mansion somewhere where they will all live?

April 21, 2016: Welcome home Bill. We look forward to talking with you about the return of TCI money to victims.

April 13, 2016: It looks like Ross Alexander just can’t keep himself out of schemes that involve fast and easy money. Such schemes basically collapse leaving investors with huge losses. Ross has conceded to CRA tax authorities that he did some multi-level marketing with Treasures Traders International, a now-known pyramid scheme. What’s so interesting is that of approximately 19,000 individuals who got involved with this Treasure Traders scheme, it was the Tax Auditors in London, Ontario who have taken on the investigation for the CRA. That hits close to home for Ross; just curious whether his involvement is at a higher level than he says it is.

Mar.31, 2016: For followers of Duncan Goheen, here is his newest venture: Apparently he'll even sing to your sick boa constrictor!

Feb 23, 2016: Another fraudster appeals his sentence and loses big time:

Feb 22, 2016: We've been informed that Capstone in London has been operating under a new name: The 8 Percent Guys. Is that how they try to get around their cease and desist order?

Feb 19, 2016: Warning to those who make money promoting scams:

Feb 10, 2016: I have heard today from a creditor that Ross' house has sold. It will be good to see Ross moved out. It is always comforting to hear that there are real consequences for being a bad guy.

Feb 9, 2016: There is no for sale sign outside Ross Alexander's estate. Does that indicate the property has sold? Or, perhaps Ross doesn't like having a sign outside his home.

Jan 25, 2016: A member sent this article from the Globe and Mail. It uses tactics similar to TCI :

Jan 6, 2016: Ross Alexander's house is for sale. Check out the listing at:

Jan. 5, 2016: We received this update from a member:
Reading your most recent post, I wonder if you know Pete has been out of prison for quite some time. He was released to a halfway house more than 6 months ago.
His daughter is having a very large wedding at St. Joseph on the Mount this Saturday. It's one of the few large weddings I have seen with a password protected wedding website. I wonder what the big secret is? Maybe they don't want people to know Pete will be there or maybe they don't want people to question how the wedding was paid for.

Jan 4, 2016: We've been asked about Peter Snyder and his relationship to TCI. Snyder was a Marketer of TCI from the Woodstock area. After TCI he was charged in the TTI Investment, outlined in an article under the Main Menu. The charges which led to his current incarceration involved funds defrauded from his family members. It hasn't been uncommon to see professional men, who have the education and opportunities to be successful in the legitimate world, turn to fraud.

Dec. 31, 2015: Peter Snyder, former lawyer and TCI Marketer, has recently been disbarred. He was sentenced to three years in prison in March 2014 for three counts of fraud over 5000. Now, the Law Society of Upper Canada has revoked his licence to practice law after finding him guilty of professional misconduct.

Dec. 22, 2015: A money laundering scheme using a promise of lottery winnings has resulted in arrests of 2 London area people and some in Toronto. It's odd that the names have not been released.

December 11, 2015: Holiday Season is upon us and we wish everyone a joyful time with family and friends.

November 16, 2015: Years ago we had heard of a scheme being run in the Sarnia area. The perpetrator of this Ponzi scheme has been sentenced to 6 years in prison after being convicted last December of 28 fraud related charges. John Paul Baron, 55, of the Toronto area, was convicted of stealing 3 million dollars from duped investors.
Bill Rath and Ross Alexander's TCI scheme brought in tens of millions of dollars stolen from several hundred investors. We wonder how much prison time that should be worth?

October 8, 2015: Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all! To TCI members, we have much to be thankful for this year. Ross Alexander is in bankruptcy and Kevin Rath has been exposed after obtaining a mortgage agents' licence. We are thankful that the Bankruptcy Courts and Financial Services Agency are willing to look into their activities.

Sept 30/2015: Despite the cease and desist order, Capstone seems to be continuing the same advertising, seen in London, Komoka and Strathroy. Since they still promise 8% returns, in writing etc, we wonder what product they are promoting now? It's interesting that their ads do not list their name...perhaps this is to keep consumers from checking up on Capstone online before their appointment!

Sept. 11/2015: To Capstone Investors: If you have concerns about your investment, contact the FSCO and reference this posting:

Sept 5/2015: Capstone Financials has been ordered to "cease and desist", to stop selling mortgage-related investments or face fines up to $200,000 or jail time. After reports were made to the FSCO in March, they have obviously continued their investigations and concluded that this company should not be selling mortgages. No mention is made of the fate of Kevin Rath, the agent who was originally acting as mortgage broker with Watson.

Aug.11/2015: Is your own phone number calling you? Phone scammers are somehow phoning you on your own number. They are also moving from 1-800 numbers to your local numbers so you'll pick up the phone. WestJet, Air Canada and Marriott Hotel Chain are named fraudulently in Ontario and the scammers are likely after your personal information and money. Never give personal information to a person who called you, unless you know them.

Aug.4/2015: Capstone Financials seems to still be generating concern from members who report their signs around London and Strathroy are still advertising 8% fixed returns. These are the same signs that they used to promote Syndicated Mortgages but have been prohibited from selling such instruments by the FSCO.
Kevin Rath operated out of Capstone and somehow obtained a mortgage brokers' licence (without the credentials) and we are guessing that money laundering for daddy was planned. Then again, perhaps we're wrong and Kevin wanted to hold a real job after living off of funds from an ATM machine for the past 20 years. But his ability to obtain a licence is questionable as he has no known banking background of a legitimate nature.

July 28, 2014: Finally! Gary Sorenson and Milowe Brost were sentenced today in a Calgary courtroom to 12 years in prison each. They ran a massive Ponzi scheme and it has taken years to get through the courts. It is good to see criminal masterminds who steal from everyday Canadians sent to prison. We would like to see Police investigating more financial fraud criminals.

June 10, 2015: The following warning has been sent in by a TCI member: Koinonia Investment Club: This group is a religious group with a church/center in Woodstock. They are apparently touting 'wonderful' investments for their members .There is some connection to a London church.. North Park on Fanshawe. I am
hearing about some of my kin who have been approached to invest in Koinonia-related investments. When I search for this bunch in USA I find such items as:

Has North Park a/o Koinonia ever been brought to your attention?
It certainly seems that most of these schemes have their genesis in a
Christian community and this bunch are using the very same approach as all the others such as TCI.

May 13, 2015: "You're a predator. You're a fraud. You're really a menace to the community in so many different ways". Ontario Court Justice Wayne Rabley was speaking in court about local fraudster Roy Nevill, but he could be saying the same thing to Bill Rath, Kevin Rath and Ross Alexander.

May 11/2015: We have been advised that there is a Mortgage Business Activity Complaint Form that can be filled online or printed and emailed or faxed to the FSCO.

May 10/2015: People are writing in to ask who to contact in order to protest the Mortgage Agent Licencing of Kevin Rath. If you wish to contact someone, please contact the Financial Services Commission of Ontario ( FSCO) Kevin’s Licence # is M14000241 Issued on April 1, 2014. You can email Aisha Silim at Kevin has been seen and is known to be affiliated with Jeff Watson c/o Capstone financials solutions at 571 Wharncliffe Rd. S. Suite 3 London, Ontario. Watson, who is not a licenced mortgage broker or agent, is listed on the warning notices on the FSCO Web-site and there is a recent article about him and Capstone in the London Free Press.

May 7/2015: Many emails have been received concerning Kevin Rath:
"It's good to see that Kevin is actually working rather than living off of stolen money. Maybe his Dad cut him off!"
"How did he ever get a mortgage brokers' licence? He's a crook. He must be up to something."

May 6.2015: NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF KEVIN RATH AND LANDLORDS: Kevin Rath, Bill Rath's oldest son, appears on the web site of Dominion Mortgage Lending, as a Mortgage Broker. His email is and his mobile number is: 519-870-3945.

Apr. 10/2015: Re: Peter Snyder. It appears that the Law Society is going after Snyder's law licence.
He is still incarcerated at Beaver Creek as of March and has missed parole opportunities. Snyder is behind bars, Ross Alexander is Bankrupt again: it looks as if the life of a conman is not that much fun after all...

Apr. 6/2015: And on it goes.. conmen preying upon the elderly.

Mar. 25/2015: Attention Ontario investors! Capstone Financial Solutions in London, Ontario has been slammed by the FSCO:

Feb.26/2015: Attention investors! A new local London company is now opened that provides superior due diligence about potential and/or past investments at a reasonable cost. Check it out at

Feb 16/2015: Here is a National Post article about Alberta fraudsters who are being sentenced to jail time.

Feb 13/2015: On behalf of all TCI victims we want to thank Justice Grace for giving this bankruptcy court case the time and focus that it deserved. It was clear that he had read the hundreds of pages of witness evidence and developed a clear understanding of the predatory behavior involved in the case. He truly saw and understood the years of promises and stories that all led to nothing but words, and he empathized with our struggle.

Feb 12/2015: ROSS CLARK ALEXANDER IS BANKRUPT again. This morning in Superior Court of Ontario, Justice Grace ordered Ross into bankruptcy and labelled him a Flim Flam man, a very bad man and a man with a litany of consistent lies. He even commented that he doubted that Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath ever had a legitimate investment.

Feb.2/2015: The movie Groundhog Day always makes me think of the ongoing baloney that TCI gave us in their monthly newsletters. Every month, the same thing again. Have a look at the Memory Lane article and understand that evidence shows that Ross Alexander and Bill Rath chose to close up in January 2002, the point at which withdrawals stopped. So, all those months and years of stories were just to keep members off their back and avoid reports to police. Were the Marketers told to develop amnesia? It's also possible the Marketers were quiet to protect (themselves) from CRA finding out about their cash income from TCI commissions.

Dec.30/2014: Bill Rath admits he's a crook !!: Taken from the Supreme Court of Canada, Case 31037, William Charles Rath V. United States of America, et al: " Mr. Rath is alleged to have committed acts in the United States which were criminal acts in that country at the alleged time of commission. On appeal, he conceded that they were criminal in Canada, not only when the Authority to Proceed was issued, but also at the alleged time of commission." I wonder if he's telling family members the truth?

Nov.22/2014: There's been an interest expressed about what some of the TCI Marketers are up to these days. Forward any info to us and we'll prepare an update. It's remarkable that not one of them ever stepped forward to help victims. They may be afraid that CRA will start asking questions about all those hundreds/thousands of 5000 commissions, often in cash. Even Ross bragged about receiving around 200 commissions. Hmm, he was bankrupt at that time. I wonder if he reported that cash to the trustee? Not likely since he seemed to spend much of it on the massive renovations after he moved in. Those renovations were reportedly paid in cash.

Nov.19/2014: Ted Long appears to have moved to Woodstock. His updated address and phone number are in Marketer Info.

Nov 15/2014: With the holiday season coming up, we wonder how the Rath family are dealing with the fact that Bill and Anne have still not returned home despite having the US charges dropped last Spring?
What's up with that? It's looking as if something else is preventing them from coming home. This is not surprising considering Bill's past criminal involvement with the satellite card fraud and the TCI fraud. Perhaps they are also working with Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath on current schemes.

Oct 14/2014: Just Say No!! No matter how convincing, how much he whines or cries, do NOT give money to Ross Alexander. Victims have reported Ross has cried and convinced victims that he needs money desperately, and despite their knowing better, they've still given him money. Also, it's time to repeat the warning that SENIORS are a particular target. Watch out for "friendly visits" from Ross or colleagues like Richard Hughes who is reported to target seniors, starting with visits.

Oct 12/2014: Ross once wrote that he wouldn't be able to show his face around town if he was guilty of all the things we've been saying about him. Well, the facts prove his guilt, yet he seems to have the audacity to continue operating right in the midst of past victims. There is something very wrong with that. Unemployed for 15+ years, living on a lavish estate. His visible net worth does not support his lifestyle...but he's told victims that he has offshore funds.

Oct 11/2014:Ross Alexander was seen shopping yesterday in a store near many TCI victims. He appeared nervous and was looking over his shoulders. I wonder what it's like to live your life wondering when the next person will confront you? Kevin Rath literally ran away from a victim who wanted to speak with him. I say "Good", their discomfort is small solace to their victims.

Oct 10/2014: Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay says victims of crime will soon be able to collect compensation from the criminals who wronged them. A study shows Canadian victims suffer close to $100 billion in losses each year. There are many flaws still present in the system but it's a step towards mandating compensation.

Sept 25/2014: Victims of Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath are still reporting the use of Promissory Notes. If you've been given one, look closely at the promised date of repayment. They will give you endless excuses to delay you from going to police or the courts within the two year period you have to collect from them. Also, beware of the illusion of wealth that Ross will present to you. Ross' wealth comes from victim money. Don't allow yourself to become one!

Sept.19/2014: We heard from another victim of Ross and Tony today and are grateful that the website provides a clear warning NOT to deal with these men. Police and the Ontario Securities Commission need to realize that Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath are still operating and creating victims. Time to shut them down!!

Sept.10/2014: Here is an article outlining the Gary Sorenson/Milo Brost ponzi scheme from Western Canada. The description of the scam is identical to Rath and Alexander's management of the TCI scheme. :

Sept 7/2014: From a Michigan TCI member: "In 1999 and 2000 Ross Alexander would come to many of our monthly TCI meetings in metro Detroit we had with Gary Haner, our TCI Team Captain, and he would make presentations about TCI.
This is an invitation to Ross Alexander for him to come to metro Detroit and give us a TCI update. He is long over due. If he has concerns about visiting metro Detroit, we will be glad to visit London, Ontario and spend the day with him. Please arrange through Gary Haner."

Sept 6/2014: Although the main players in TCI and recent scams have been Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath, we hope that Investigators don't overlook the roles played by Marketers such as Ted Long, who acted as an Introducer for Ross and Gary Vanleeuwen who brought in huge numbers of Mennonites with Aber Louen of Alymer. These men brought in large numbers of investor/victims at five thousand US dollars commission each, often in cash. We wonder how much of that income was reported in their taxes? That is likely the reason that not one single Marketer has come forward to help the victim group.

Sept 4/2014: One of my fellow Nut Bars objects to the things that Ross has called me. He says 'I'm glad you're still keeping up the pressure. It takes a very strong person with resolve and tenacity to continue and that's why I look up to you. You're more the " Iron Lady ". You're tough as nails like Margaret Thatcher was and so deserve the title. I think you should be knighted and then you can throw those nefarious bums in the dungeon." Dame Nancy sounds nice!

Sept 3/2014: My My, Ross isn't a fan! #slander. In Dec 10/12 he wrote: REMEMBER,Nancy is a very sick lady who is on medication for depression and schitzophrenia.She has CREATED WHATEVER STORIES SHE WANTS TO.
What you fail to realize is her support is non existent except for a few fellow `NUT BARS`
She will then develop a story that she and ALL TCI or TCIR people are ENTITLED TO MONEY FROM TONY AND YET WHAT HAS SHE GIVEN US IN THE LAST 6-7 YEARS.............................GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug.13/2014: Are you a potential investor checking out Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath? Beware of any investment with these men. For confirmation of their criminal behavior, read the Bkg Facts for Investigators and other evidence under the Main Menu. You can contact me at: Ross refers to me as "that crazy lady" because of his inability to defend the facts presented on this site.

Aug.8/2014: Message to William Charles Rath: It is of the utmost importance that you, or your lawyer, or a family member or someone who can relay a message to you contact Mr. Hans Kortig via this email address immediately. Failure to do so within the next 45 days WILL result in matters going out of our hands. DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. It is to your advantage to respond a.s.a.p. The information we want to speak with you about is unrelated to any of the TCI, Arcadia, IIG, and pending class-action lawsuit matters.

Aug.6/2014: Received from an Expert: "While the liars, swindlers and con-artist may suffer from a variety of mental illnesses such as narcissistic personality disorder, Ross Alexander, Tony McCreath and especially Willam Rath are much like the sadists who enjoy inflicting pain on their victims and don’t give a damn whom they hurt. People like Kevin Rath, who emulates the same traits of his own father, may at some time suffer from a different mental disorder that could lead to a mental breakdown, or even a brief psychotic episode where they actually see things that aren’t really there. The bottom line is, all of their identity is made up of fantasies of one type or another, fantasies that they believe to be true. " We strongly suggest that repayment of money to victims would go a long way in stabilizing their mental health issues. Family members would not feel as much paranoia or fear of reprisal from victims.

Aug. 1/2014: Recommended reading: a member forwarded this lengthy article on another apparent scammer from the IGP seminars. Fred and Derek Elliott and the Sun Village project in the Dominican Republic:

July 30/2014: I received this comment: "Criminal thinking: everyone from time to time has criminal thinking, whether it be to run a red light when there is no oncoming traffic or desperately desiring to meet someone who you despise in a Cemetery next to a newly large deep hole. When it comes to acting on them though, for most of us a moral compass kicks in to prevent us from hurting others, the community, our families and ultimately ourselves. But when it comes to ripping off others, people that don’t have a moral compass in this regards like Ross Alexander, Tony McCreath and Bill Rath go straight for it without an ounce of feelings for whom they are hurting." It must make them feel smart and powerful. But when do they have enough...ever? The overwhelming opinion of victims is that these people need to be shut down permanently. We hope the investigators give every one of them the maximum charges possible.

July 24/2014: Examiner Baffled : There are misfits and scumbags like Tony McCreath and Ross Alexander who love making a living ripping off innocent people for their money. They are just as sick as the rapists and pedophiles emotionally and intellectually. What’s baffling is they both have the ability to make an honest living, but when it comes to an opportunity for them to commit a financial rape, a process of maladaptive thinking must kick in that prevents them from realizing what they are doing to others and their families and the community. The ability to scam is more appealing than simply making an honest living.

July 11/2014: Wow, over 3 times the normal traffic yesterday! Investigators must be busy reviewing the data posted on this site. We hope they find numerous charges to lay on these parasites who still appear to be actively running their con games today. They need to be stopped!

July 6/2014: It continues to gratify me that this website is helping shut down Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath's ability to conduct business. The website has been generally busy and we've received thanks from another group who feel as if the website saved their money being lost.
All those affected likely wish they'd paid us back years ago to avoid the consequences of our investigations. It's never too late!

July 3/2014: A member writes: That's pretty shabby of Bill Rath to use his wife as a shield in his con games. What did he suppose would happen to her when they got caught? Does the family realize why they're never coming home or is Rath stringing them along with more stories about government harassment?

July 1/2014: Frontmen revisited: It occurred to me that Bill Rath purposely placed his wife into the position of 'frontman' in order to protect himself. Her name has appeared on several holdings and that is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Is that why he left his first wife, to get a weak and malleable cover for himself?

July 1. 2014: Happy Canada Day! Investigators believe that Tony McCreath may be in the UK or Spain these days. Perhaps Costa Rica got too "hot" for him.

June 25/2014: Received from an Examiner: Not only is Tony McCreath in concert with Ross Alexander offering up phony excuses as to why investor funds haven't arrived, he is also in concert with what appears to be money laundering. After a review of some of the financial transactions between these two B.S. artists, it appears investor funds are sent back to Alexander through a wire transfer into one of Ross's bank accounts under the name of Clark Group.

June 4/2014: Kevin Rath loved to brag about refusing to file taxes since 1994. The implication was that he was smarter than everyone else and he also had nothing registered in his own name, thus making him creditor proof. I wonder how many of the Rath and Alexander family members have followed this plan? That said, it's likely that family members have been receiving cash payments.

June 3/2014: A reader commented: "One of the reasons why there have been no sitings of Bill Rath now that he is no longer a wanted fugitive could be because the CRA wants to go over his records. He wouldn’t dare file his tax returns while on the run from the law, that would be just stupid of him. And just what was he living on over the several years while in hiding? Obviously undeclared income, CRA would definitely want to know where the money came from and demand him to produce his financial records." Would that include Anne Rath as well?

May 26/2014: Recent scammers' appeal on their charges and sentencing:

May 18/2014: There have been no reported Bill Rath sitings. The Rath family members must be excited that he'll be home again. Also, Anne and her family will be happy to be together again. Please let us know when you make a Bill Rath siting! Perhaps he'll spend the summer season up in Muskoka again. We're at:

May8/2014: Another area ponzi scheme hit the news today and this time the RCMP investigated. This was likely due to the fact that the Introducer (part of the grooming process) was Hon. Joe Fontana, MP who vouched for his pal Vincent Ciccone, of Kitchener. Previous area Ponzi schemes such as TCI also used Introducers extensively, often from the Church. We wonder if Richard Hughes was also involved in sales of this scheme.

Apr 30/2014: Following the purchase of 3668 Homewood Lane for 640,000 cash, it has been said that Ross Alexander subsequently used a "suitcase full of cash" to renovate the house. Is that how Bill and Anne Rath financed their home in Uniondale?

Apr 29/2014: According to public records, it appears some of the proceeds from the illegal activities in the U.S. satellite fraud William Charles Rath was involved in went into the hands of his wife, Anne Marie Rath. From the time-line the Uniondale property was purchased, records show just Anne as the purchaser. Neither Bill nor Anne had a legitimate income during the time they lived there and until this opulent estate sold for $608,000 in 2006. Was this a ploy to hide her husbands' ill-gotten money? The property was sold just before Rath and his wife went into hiding, but, were the monies ever declared to CRA as income in order to show how Anne could obtain a net worth this size?

Apr 28/2014: Members are enquiring about the recent dropping of US charges against Bill Rath, asking if he bought his way out (with our money). We can confirm that he offered 18 million dollars to the US authorities before running away in 2006, so it could certainly be true that he made another offer and it was accepted. If true, it shows just what money can buy!

Apr 28/2014: Yesterday's posting"Bkgd Facts for Investigators" is getting rave reviews: "That new report recently reported on TCI's web-site is just awesome". Our thanks to the Examiner for all the hard work.

Apr 26/2014: Attention Investigators: Updated data from the Examiner has been posted under the Main Menu: Background Facts for Investigators.

Apr 21/2014: We were contacted recently by an individual who has been investigating Ross Alexander. He reports that he had initially been referred to Ross for help with a local man having problems with alcohol. This individual subsequently spoke to several local Pastors about Ross and was referred to the media coverage reported by Jane Sims in the London Free Press. She detailed the TTI trial and Ross’ involvement with Robert Hoiting who was also referred to Ross for troubles with alcoholism back in 2007, but lost $100,000 of his mother’s money within a month, in an investment Ross assured was good. This individual thanked us for our up-to-date postings about Ross and his friends, and gave kudos to Jane Sims. We hope the danger to another potential victim has been averted.

Apr 20/2014: Breaking news! Bill Rath is no longer wanted by the US!

Apr 16/2014: Investigators note: Documents posted on page 2 of the photo album show evidence of the purchase of Ross Alexander’s residence for cash before he was discharged from bankruptcy, his non-disclosure to his trustee in bankruptcy of a $30,000 asset he purchased during bankruptcy, and his name posted on an Anglo Irish bank statement showing credits to his name. These documents are followup to my Apr 10 posting.

Apr 11/2014: Family of Bill Rath and Ross Alexander should be aware that Bill still appears to covet money over family. He has made no attempt to repay victims of his TCI ponzi scam, despite the risks to family members who have lived off stolen funds for many years and will soon be held accountable. Perhaps he is feeling invincible and assumes we'll eventually go away. After running this site for 9 years now, we have no intention of going away and will continue to do all we can to recover victim funds.

Apr 10/2014: We've been notified that government officials have been on my website. Hmm, investigating Ross, Tony and Bill Rath and their band of friends perhaps? Welcome! I've got to say it's about time!

Apr 10/2014: Ross Alexander should be paying more attention to telling the truth, especially when it comes to answering truthfully at examination hearings with his trustee in bankruptcy. The RCMP’s Integrated Bankruptcy Enforcement Unit doesn’t take kindly to failing to answer questions Fully and Truthfully, and may lay criminal charges related to fraud and the abuse of the bankruptcy process. It seems that Alexander kept a 30,000 Arcadia investment asset to himself while he was a bankrupt and did not disclose this to his Trustee, PriceWaterhouse. The other issue that seems to be in question is about the house he resides in at 3668 Homewood Lane which kicks into this RCMP media link…

Apr 3/2014: From an Examiner: Ross Alexander has been up to some pretty devious tricks over the past few years. Signed statements made by him promising to pay back tens of thousands in loans “when monies are released from the investment known as T.C.I. investment club” is a complete fabrication made by Alexander. Alexander knows full well that no funds will be coming in from T.C.I. T.C.I. was nothing more than scam and Alexander knows it. The nerve of this scoundrel to misrepresent security to innocent people! Rath did the same trick with IIG, presenting investors with a useless insurance policy (for which he paid 30,000 for one year) could never be used by investors, but provided "comfort" to investors and helped get their money.

Mar30/2014: Kevin Rath bragged about his decision to withold tax returns since 1994. CRA will undoubtably find that interesting, along with the question of where the money comes from to support his lifestyle. One of his cash lifelines is ATM machines. It's very possible that the other cash lifeline is Uncle Ross.

Mar 29/2014: Good old 'Charles Gordon' sent an email with many interesting admissions. He clearly admits that TCI was a Ponzi scheme and says they invested in five projects and lost their money in all of them. Either they were incredibly stupid investors, or, more likely, these losses were actually planned shell games where they end up with the funds after pretending to invest. He says "these types of investments are not accessible to any but the ultra elite bankers who control the system" and therefore pretenders like Tony McCreath cannot succeed.

Mar 28/2014: Ross Alexander is believed to have received funds from Rath over the years that Rath's been a fugitive. Is he the source for cash payments to family members? Or, have they lured unsuspecting 'friends' into money laundering for them?

Mar 27/2014: A member asked about the types of things Bill and Ross have bought their children. Well, back in around 2000 two Sea Do speed boats and jet skis were purchased and placed in Jason Rath's name. Kevin Rath said they were bought by grateful you feel grateful? Also, Ross said he purchased new appliances for one of his daughters about two years ago. Larger purchases such as houses, rent payments, cars will also be assessed and the children will be required to pay us back. How do you suppose these children will feel about dear old Dad when this happens? Remember, Bill and Ross can still pay us back to avoid the impact on family members. What do they love more, their children or our money? So far we have our answer.

Mar 27/2014: Reports detail the ongoing violence in the EMDC, the London area jail. We wonder how Peter Snyder fared while sitting there awaiting transport to a penitentiary. Fear of going into the EMDC should be a deterrent to all local fraudsters.

Mar 27/2014: News reports indicate that the Emergency Scam is back in our area. Seniors are especially targeted. Check with other family members before sending money to anyone contacting you about an urgent need for cash. Also, a scam called the Hitman Scam involves a letter or email suggesting you're on a hit list. Contact Police immediately if you receive such a letter.

Mar.24/2014: During the TTI trial, Ross Alexander testified that he deposited money into a bank account in Anne Rath's name. Records show that this account was at the Bank of Montreal, 295 Boler Road in London, Ontario. Details: Ross deposited 10,000 commission into his Clarke Group bank account at the Bank of Montreal into acct 0319-1015-718 on July 28/2005. On June 29/2005 Ross moved 2000 into Anne Rath's account. Was she getting a piece of the action?

Mar.23/2014: Ross Alexander stated;"I am well aware that there are 2 contributors from New Hope Church. They are mad at me and Tony. We haven`t communicated for at least a year." What Ross failed to explain was that he and Tony owed over 100,000 to these investors. He is basically admitting to soliciting and selling securities to these people without a license. Did he receive their funds? Were they placed in a Trust? Why did Pastor Greg of New Hope Church both permit and arrange for Ross to engage with these people?

Mar. 23/2014: Recent court proceedings show that the wives of fugitives are charged, convicted and sent to prison just the same way as their husbands. Also, those who have used or allowed their bank accounts to be used to receive or send funds related to Bill Rath could go to jail as well. Ross Alexander testified in court that he deposited money into a bank account owned by Anne Rath....Hmmm.

Mar.23/2014: Thanks to the many members who have sent evidence to us recently. Apparently Ross and Tony failed to consider that all their inflammatory comments and grandiose claims would end up in court documents and in the laps of Ontario Regulators. I've come to learn that Dr. Ross Alexander believes that I am an obsessed, schitzophrenic nutbar! Goodness, is there any medicine for that? By the way, Ross also states that he and Tony have 30 investors in their current scheme.

Mar.22/2014: The ongoing delay stories, involving the return of investor funds, made by Tony McCreath of Costa Rica are a complete fabrication. “Feeble minded at best” say banking experts who reviewed one of McCreath’s statements as to why an investor hasn’t seen any of his money in seven years is “because of not enough supporting documents to make it through clearances.” The only reason for any delays in transferring money from one bank to another is because of outdated technology no matter from what Country the funds are coming from and should only take a few days at most, if there are billions of transfers at one bank, this can cause a backlog and may take up to (30) days but not one or several years,” banking law experts also state. McCreath’s mental health is unstable if he believes his B.S. can get him by any longer.

Mar.15/2014: Last night, on American Greed, an FBI investigator said:'As with all criminals, they get greedy. That's where all criminals go wrong". I suspect that Ross, plus Ross and Bill's family members will wish Bill Rath had been less greedy. If he'd paid back his victims, this wouldn't be happening to them.
If he paid back victims now, he can still prevent much of what's coming.
It's Bill Rath's choice, as it always has been. Thus far, Rath clearly indicates that he loves his stash of money more than his family and friends.

Mar 13/2014: Ross Alexander and Bill Rath chose to close TCI and divide the profits at the same time they stopped payouts to members, January 2002. Did they tell members it was over? No. They played an ongoing game of promises and stories until 2006 when a judge ordered TCI Frontman Greg Hall to testify. So, why continue the game playing when they knew it was over? Turns out the Ontario Securities Commission requires complaints for frauds within a 6 year time frame. If you have a complaint that is older than that, I encourage you to send it anyway since it shows a pattern.

Mar 13/2014: Thanks to the people who sent in their concerns surrounding their investment with Ross Alexander of London Ontario, who resides at 3668 Homewood Lane and Tony McCreath of Costa Rica. All information has been sent to the examiner. Any further information should now be sent to him directly. Please include any statements of the promised rate of return, the type of investment, ie currency trades, debenture trading programs etc. and the amount you invested along with some of the never-ending promises made by Alexander as to when your money is to arrive and any email correspondence from McCreath and Alexander to: Your information will then be assessed for investigation.

Mar.12/2014: Now that it is clear their involvement in products William Charles Rath, Ross Clark Alexander, Tony McCreath and all the other marketers, including Michael Dobbs of the U.S., were promoting to investors are bogus, we might just as well look into who these people really are. What that led them to act with utter ruthlessness and without a twinge of conscience, even taking widows into their confidence and leaving them penniless. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders, they display a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others and actually believe that they are superior, unique and are the chosen ones with their inflated views of their own accomplishments. In simple terms they suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder for which there is no cure.

Mar 10/2014: Sentencing the 'Confidence Man" has been posted under the Main Menu. It details more of the Peter Snyder sentencing.

Mar 6/2014: A word to the victims of the Snyder crime: Congratulations! I hope you find some peace in the fact that Justice Gorman really listened when you made those victim impact statements in court and she saw through Peter's bs. Thanks for having the courage to take this to court. I believe, as Peter cools his heels tonight in jail, all of those he's conned with over the years may question their invincibility.

Mar 6/2014: Justice prevailed!! Peter Snyder was sentenced to three years in penitentiary in a Woodstock courtroom this morning. I hope this serves as a deterrent to others who seem to believe they are untouchable while committing these cons:

Mar 6/2014: While examiners are compiling evidence about William Charles Rath, knowing the products TCI investor funds were supposed to be going into did not exist, they also can understand why people like Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath would want to be involved too. Alexander and McCreath fit right into theses bogus schemes like hands in gloves. What befuddles them is why Anne Rath; (maiden name Lovell) would stick around when her background shows up clean and decent. Her fugitive husband is wanted by the FBI in the US and obviously has offered something to Anne, her family members and those that know her, to trade in their moral values to assist William Rath in hiding from the law. Chances are they've been told an alternate version of the truth. When the end comes, they will find out the hard way, it wasn’t worth it.

Mar 5/2014: Check Before You Invest: This is the Ontario Secuirities Commission site where you can check on the registration of any financial agent and where you can check on warning lists.

Mar 5/2014: Peter Snyder's sentencing for three counts of fraud over $5000 is tomorrow at 9:30 am in a Woodstock courtroom. Her Honour's decision will be posted when available.

Mar 5/2014: We are getting lots of feedback since the evidence file was posted about Ross Alexander. When he was residing at 35 Andover Dr. London, Ontario in 1978, contemporaries state he was living far beyond his means back then when he was a Branch Unit Manager with Northern life Assurance Company. Another contemporary stated he was way over his head in debt in 1983 while living at 798 Barclay Rd. in Westmount. His wife Carole, in 1996 when the couple was living at 3 Aspen Place in Lambeth, Ontario, must have finally got fed up with his Ross’s addiction to living high off the hog with no supporting income to pay of his debts and dumped him after his bankruptcy. But all his contemporaries that knew him stated basically the same thing, “you couldn’t trust anything that came out of Ross’s mouth.” It’s ironic how even other people, who haven’t invested in one of Ross’s non-existent investments, feel the same way today.

Mar 5/2014: Facebook scam announced in the London paper today:

Mar 4/2014: Anne Rath is putting herself at risk for assisting her fugitive husband William Charles Rath who is wanted by the FBI in the US. The Honourable Mr. Justice Zinn of the Federal Court of Canada wastes no time in finding guilt on people who knowingly, or are aware of and are assisting in hiding a fugitive from the law. This may also include others like family members who are likely running the same risk even if they receive mail on behalf of the wanted fugitive. It is common knowledge that Anne Rath is residing with her husband William Charles Rath and she is knowingly aware he is a wanted fugitive. Any immediate family members who know the whereabouts of Ann Rath should contact the FBI, or your local authorities. Also, people like Ross Clark Alexander who is fully aware of Rath being wanted, has been known to deposit funds into bank accounts in Anne Rath’s name. Anne's photo has been posted in the Photo Album.

Mar 3/2014: William Charles Rath is wanted by the FBI for allegedly masterminding a scheme to defraud a satellite provider out of millions of dollars from 1996 to 1999. Rath also is allegedly a mastermind behind a scheme that ripped off investors in a High-Yield Investment scam involving TCI victims in Canada and the U.S. out of tens of millions of dollars from 1996 to 2002 while he was doing his dirty work in the satellite rip-off scheme “This man just cannot stop running scams,” a reliable source states who is probing into the backgrounds of Rath, Ross Clark Alexander of London, Ontario and Mark Anthony McCreath of Costa Rica. It is believed that Rath, on the run from law since June 2006 has a network of people who are assisting him in hiding out that includes members of his family, his wife Ann Rath’s family, and Alexander and McCreath. “It is unlawful to assist any fugitive to avoid apprehension” the U.S. Attorney’s office states.

Mar 2/2014: William Rath's FBI Wanted Poster has been added to the Photo Album. That photo was taken as a passport photo just before he took off in June 2006. Ross and Rath's children lied about not knowing where he had gone. It is believed they are all still in communication.

Mar 2/2014: A new article called ROSS ALEXANDER EVIDENCE has been posted under the main menu. It details evidence against this TCI manager.

Mar 1/2014: Just a reminder that the Ontario Securities Commission presentation is Monday at 2:30 (see below). I was just looking at their website which has interesting information.

Feb 28/2014: The Woodstock Sentinel:

Feb28/2014: At Peter Snyder’s sentencing hearing today, victims voiced the devastating effects caused by believing in Snyder’s Investment scheme. Two of the victims are now suffering from serious health issues as the result of the hardship Snyder caused them after believing the legal documents Snyder provided them were legitimate investments. They were not, yet Snyder told them “isn’t this fun?” All of Snyder’s victims were close relatives who got nothing but empty promises from him that money was coming in, yet even after many years Snyder still insists he wants to make restitution, but showed up in court empty handed. The Crown didn’t buy it and is seeking a 3 year penitentiary term, while Snyder is asking Madame Justice Kelly Gorman for a conditional sentence (house arrest). Snyder will be sentenced on March 6th 2014 at 9:30am. The victims pray for a Prison sentence plus restitution and it would be nice to see them get what they want…

Feb 28/2014: Protect Your Money: The Ontario Securities Commission is coming to London to discuss frauds and scams. It is at the Kiwainis Seniors Centre at 78 Riverside Drive (at Wharncliffe). Monday March 3 from 2:30 to 4pm.

Feb 28/2014: It looks like the examiners are beginning to probe into the background of Ross Alexander. According to the individual, examiners are finding that Alexander used his position as a life insurance agent to write fictitious applications for the purpose of generating commissions. Bankruptcy Court records was reviewed that discovered a statement of claim made by Mr. Richard Burjoski Managing Partner with Ontario Insurance Agencies Inc. Waterloo On., stating this allegation. Examiners feel Alexander has a chronic pattern of dishonesty and is selling fictitious instruments to the public to generate an income to support his “high cost of living” beyond his means and is one of the motivating factors for him to still carry on with these dishonest acts.

Feb 27,2014: To answer the member who asked about Rath and Alexander buying houses, cars, boats etc for their children: yes, it is likely that TCI money was used to assist family members with major purchases and if proven to be so, they will have to pay us back. I wonder what they'll think of their Daddy when that happens?

Feb 26/2014: Thanks to the people who emailed in their concerns about an investment product in a guaranteed currency trading program. Ross Clark Alexander said funds “will be sent to Tony McCreath who will place them in trust and will be returned in 120 days with half of the amount in earned interest,” stated in Alexander’s own hand writing.

Connie Craddock, Chair, Investor Advisory Panel with the Ontario Securities Commission in regards to investigating in these “High Yield Programs, Bank Guaranteed Debentures, Guaranteed Trading Programs, Currency Trading Programs,” DO NOT EXIST. Returns of 30 or 40 percent-or more are fictitious promises usually made by unlicensed individuals-and they are often frauds. Ross Clark Alexander is a previous bankrupt; he does not qualify as a registered salesperson to sell any investment products under the Securities Act. Furthermore, Mark Anthony McCreath residing in Costa Rica is not a Registered Licenced Broker to trade in any Securities. The Superintendent (Superintendica Genaeral de Valor’s) the Securities Commission in Costa Rica will be informed once several affidavits are signed by investors who gave funds to Alexander who sent them to McCreath.

Feb 24/2014: The numbers of visitors to this site has risen dramatically with all the recent information. Thanks to everyone for the materials provided to us. Perhaps the time has come where all the nasty dealings of these fraudsters will be uncovered for everyone to see.

Feb 24/2014: Examiners are looking at Arcadia Resources Ltd. c/o Gregory Hall of Canada, and William Charles Rath, wanted by the FBI, Ross Clark Alexander of London, Ontario Canada, Investor/Promoter. Turks and Caicos Investments (TCI) c/o of the entire above mentioned and International Investment Group (IIG) c/o William Charles Rath, Steven Hawkins, Lars Soderstorm and Mark Anthony McCreath are a "tantamount of fraudulent investments." References to these assertions are from cases that involved the supposedly real investment to support the examiner’s claim. Brenda Leong, Executive Director BCSECOM Tri-West Investment Club (an internet based investment club) et al 2001. Jean P. Whittow, QC and Efrem Swartz Law Society, “It is clear, in addition, they do not produce a return.” J. McKinnon of the Ontario Court of Justice, “utterly overwhelming,” how investors are led to believe these investments exist. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Feb 22/2014:Tony McCreath has been talking about moving to Belize for years now, but since he's never hit the financial jackpot, it has yet to happen. Members question where his money comes from: he's getting profits from investment scams being sold by Alexander and cronies such as Jeannette Macdonald and likely Keith Campbell, Richard Hughes etc. Tony was reported to the Embassy in Costa Rica in the past few years and we would hope they are monitoring his activities. We have never heard of any successful investments in over 12 years of tracking McCreath.

Feb 21.2014: Peter Snyder's sentencing is next Friday, Feb 28th. It will be held in the Woodstock Courthouse at 10am for those who may wish to attend. Snyder is the first of the TCI/TTI group to plead guilty of fraud and is also a lawyer. He plead guilty to defrauding family members.

Feb 21/2014: Wow, it’s still early Friday morning and we have been receiving a series of emails today from the individual who is conducting and compiling facts about Alexander and McCreath's so-called investment scheme and is communicating with front-line examiners. Please read all three of them and email us with any information you might have.

It has come to the attention of the individual who is conducting a search on Alexander and McCreath that Alexander may have his own privately held Ontario numbered corporation. If anyone knows, or has heard Alexander state this, or even better, knows the number of this corporation please inform us immediately.

Feb 21/201: An update has been requested by one of the front-line examiners would like to know if any investor/ friend/or acquaintance of Ross Alexander know of any other visible assets other than his residence, cars, or boat Alexander has stated belongs to him. It appears serious attention is beginning to escalate into the mystery of how Alexander has acquired, or has access to the use of such luxurious items after his bankruptcy with no-known bona fide cash resources. Please contact us immediately as this issue has now become a higher level concern.

Feb 21/2014: Alexander is skilled at convincing people that an investment with Tony McCreath is real. Even though the promised returns don’t come in after days, weeks, months or even years after the promised dates of maturity, Alexander will still try to convince you your investment is real, even after a decade the money hasn’t come in on these high-yield quick returns and investor funds that are fully secured, they are not. Front-line examiners who have received a preliminary report from the individual who is conducting background searches on the alleged investments of McCreath and Alexander are beginning to take notice, they want to see more!!! Please send us any information about your involvement with these two individuals.

Feb.19/2014: Those of you who responded to my Feb 17th question strongly believe that all of Rath's children (Kevin, Sharon, Mark, Jason and Kristin), plus partner Ross Alexander are thieves if they are receiving ongoing cash payments from Rath. They clearly know about our group of victims. I wonder if Ross' two daughters receive financial benefits as well? I hope that some day soon they will all be forced to pay us back.

Feb 18/2014: A new article called Arcadia Investment LLC has been posted under the main menu. It is long, but details the two Arcadia accounts and Michael Dobbs' dealings with a group of 100 US investors in Arcadia and TCI.

Feb.17/2014: In 2005 Kevin Rath said to me: If my father had control over the money, don’t you think he’d pay people back? We're still waiting Kevin. Perhaps you could mention this to your Dad, Bill Rath, next time you speak with him. Kevin also proudly told people that he hadn't filed taxes since 1994 and currently he and Cathy likely live off of cash payments from Dad and ATM withdrawals. In fact, all Rath direct family members likely live off of Dad's money, stolen largely from TCI members. Does that make them thieves as well? Let me know what you think:

Feb/15/2014: The Photo Album is up and running again and Duncan Goheen's photo has been added. Duncan participated in Global seminars working for Omnicorp.

Feb.15/2014: While watching a Vancouver tv program, there was an excellent commercial about financial fraud and it also referred to a website I highly recommend. Ontario needs this program:

Feb 5/14: A member has requested that this be posted. Duncan Goheen is known to many TCI victims through his connection to Global (IGP):
"Duncan Goheen should be on your scammers list.
The RCMP tell me they have not had any other complaints against Duncan Goheen and his Global Institute charity scam or his involvement with Landmark Capital.
I would like to put a blurb on tcirevealed urging others to file an official fraud complaint against him by contacting the Kelowna RCMP Detachment, 350 Doyle Ave.. Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6V7."

Jan 29/2014: The individual who is doing searches on Tony McCreath and Ross Alexander’s alleged investments met with an Official Bank Investment Compliance Officer [Lawyer]. After his review the officer asserted, “the chances of this being an outright theft of investor’s money is extremely high.” He also states, “the manner in which McCreath responds to clients' requests and concerns is not up to the standards of any investment fund manager. He said: this isn't an investment, it's theft.

Jan 27/2013: Either some kind of group is involved or someone is messing with me ....we show almost 800 visitors so far today. Anyone care to contact me?

Jan 22/2014: An individual who is conducting a thorough background check into Tony McCreath and Ross Alexander states that they are playing a very well planned out manipulative and deceitful scheme. Ross Alexander is passing himself off as an agent for an investment “guru” Tony McCreath who lives in Costa Rica. Alexander, will state to would-be investors that he trusts McCreath with his life, and all investment monies are totally guaranteed. There are no such investments whatsoever according to the findings of this individual. A recent statement made by one of the CEOs of a company McCreath supposedly was raising money for was, “Tony McCreath is full of B.S.” [Short form for Bull Sh_t] When customers start pressing for their money, McCreath and Alexander work together as a team offering up excuses galore for the delays in paying back any returns. Professional investment advisors who reviewed some of these excuses made by Alexander and McCreath state, “these are outright lies.” Another states, these people who were led to believe an investment existed need to go file a complaint with their local authorities, and do not hestitate any further based on promises that their monies are on the way.” Tony McCreath is a very sick individual who has very little education in the investment field, but uses big fancy numbers and words to pass himself off as someone very important. To the average “Joe” investor this may seem impressive, but it’s nothing more than the actions of a disturbed man who is just a wannabe in the financial markets."BEWARE OF BOTH OF THESE INDIVIDUAL

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