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Too often in media reporting of financial scams, the impact of the crime on victims is overlooked. This impact is very real and can be devastating.  Read through this article as there is an important message for Canadian Investors.



They are coming. Mareva Injunctions that is.  They’re ordered by a Court, freezing the assets of those suspected of taking, receiving, and absconding with funds that don’t rightly belong to them. The courts freeze everything you own World-wide, including any bank accounts and assets in your name or third parties. Caught lying about anything could land you in the slammer. In this case, (see link) it involves one of the heads of a syndicated mortgage investment scheme, the one that Kevin Rath and his cohort Jeff Watson of Capstone were involved in where investors stand to lose over $110-million. It appears the inspectors are sifting through all financial records of the several entities and those who received prohibited funds from investors could be receiving one of these injunctions


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Ross Alexander that are still before the courts and we will report on those once resolved.

Here is an interesting link to ongoing scams involving syndicated mortgages:


In bankruptcy court yesterday, Ross Alexander was actually present and requested a discharge of his bankruptcy. The Judge instead ordered that Ross produce documents to support his alleged $300,000 transaction with Tony McCreath in Costa Rica. It was stated in court that Ross continues to send money to Tony via Money Mart. According to Ross, this money is from "contributors", aka investors. WARNING TO CONTRIBUTORS: We know of NO investors who have ever received money back from their investments from either Ross or Tony

The human side of investor frauds: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/03/05/he-said-everything-was-on-the-line-edmonton-man-takes-own-life-after-being-defrauded-out-of-300000
Scammers like Bill Rath, Kevin Rath, Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath seem to lack any compassion for their victims. They neutralize their role by blaming their victims.