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Ross Alexander, Peter Snyder and three others from Toronto and Kitchener area are charged with fraud by the London Detachment of the RCMP.
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London Free Press: Sat Aug 16, 2008 

Six men -- including three from the London area -- are charged with fraud after a two-year RCMP investigation of an investment scheme. 
The commercial crimes unit of the RCMP London detachment said investors thought they were putting money into a chain of restaurant-entertainment centres that were to be built across North America. 
Inspector Dwight Blok said investors were promised a return of 40 per cent within four months. 
"No return was received, contact between investors and the company decreased with various excuses offered to the victims, including new bank laws passed after 9/11," said Blok. 
Those charged with fraud over 5,000 include Ross Alexander, 64, of London, who has also been named in a 765- million lawsuit involving an unrelated investment scheme. 

Other area people charged are Peter Snyder, 49, of Woodstock and David Lloyd Smith of Thorndale, who turned himself into police yesterday. The other three accused men are from Toronto and Kitchener. 
The company, Themed Technological Innovations (TTI), was based in Toronto but recruited investors through personal contacts in Southwestern Ontario. 
Investors were told the restaurant-entertainment centres, similar to the Dave and Buster's chain in the U.S., were to be geared to adults. 
They were to feature billiards and video games. 
The RCMP started investigating in October 2006 after a complaint from a London-area man who had invested 100,000. 
RCMP Cpl. Michael Leroy said the money invested into TTI found its way into the personal accounts of six people. 
"There was no investment," said Leroy. 
The RCMP believes there are other victims and is asking anyone else who invested in TTI to contact the London detachment. 
The lawsuit involving Alexander was launched in 2006 by hundreds of disgruntled investors. That case, still before the courts, involved a website-based investment group call Turks and Caicos Investment Group (TCI). 
Although Alexander was involved in both investment schemes, Leroy said, there did not seem to be any other connection between the two situations. 
All the men charged are scheduled to appear in court in London on Sept. 2. 

Subject: RCMP charge six in alleged investment fraud from

Title: RCMP charge six in alleged investment fraud

RCMP in London, Ont. have charged six people in connection with an alleged "large-scale" investment fraud. The investigation by members of the RCMP's Commercial Crime Section in London was launched in 2006 following a complaint alleging a large scale fraudulent investment made in Toronto-based, Themed Technological Innovations (TTI). The investigation traced the investment funds to financial accounts controlled by TTI and revealed that the victim investments were converted for the personal use of those charged. Charged with fraud over 5,000 are: > 

Ross Alexander of London; > 

Richard Hughes of Kitchener, Ont.; > 

Matthew Sherban of Toronto,; > 

Peter Snyder of Woodstock, Ont.; 
Peter Turcaj of Toronto.
"Investors need to be assured that their investments are not going into fraudulent ventures," stated Inspector Dwight Blok, Officer in Charge of RCMP London Detachment. "The investment promised a return of 40% in four months. No return was received, contact between investors and the company decreased with various excuses offered to the victim including problems with the bank due to new laws passed after 9/11." RCMP said an arrest warrant has been issued for one other person. First appearance is scheduled for September 2 in London.