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Facts surrounding Ross Alexander's estate
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Ross Alexander has been presenting the illusion of success and wealth and touting his ownership of 3668 Homewood Lane, London since 2002.. We have previously reported that Ross paid over 600,000 for his estate in 2002. New developments indicate that the house was purchased in 2002 for 640,000, paid by cash and registered in favour of Keampa Property Group Ltd. A search was conducted from public records that shows that indeed the house was purchased for 640,000, paid in cash, however the President of Keampa is not Ross, but Thomas C. Sharpe, 1100 Melville St, suite 320, Vancouver, BC. We do not know the relationship between this Corporation and Ross Alexander. Calls were made to Mr. Sharpe but have not been returned. Further searching shows that Corporate House, in Vancouver, is the contact for Mr. Sharpe, but there is no internet reference or listing for Keampa.

This leads to questions about a 630,000 mortgage at 10% that was placed on the house in 2008. ( co-incidentally 2008 was the year that Ross was charged with fraud over 5000 in the TTI case.) The mortgage Company’s online records list for item 5393 on April 30, 2010 show the mortgage as Keampa Property/Ross Alexander. The payments at the time were 5,250 per month. Since Ross has held no known legitimate job since the 1990s, we wonder how he paid the mortgage, utilities and property taxes of over 9000. This is well over 72,000 per year. How could Ross even qualify for such a mortgage? He would require a yearly income of 230,000 to qualify. So, Ross owns Keampa at April 2010. I wonder how that happened? The house mortgage appears to have been paid off in November 2012. ( The courts finished their dealings with the TTI matter in May 2012 ). This is a huge financial asset for Ross to hold when he has no employment income. It makes you wonder if TCI Investor monies were/are involved?

Update: We learned from Thomas Sharpe that Ross' house is currently for sale. It is not on London MLS, but found at: