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Finally, by the 7th of September, Charles has finally found time to post an update, or what they want us to accept as an update. Some might say that they have exhausted their seemingly endless supply of excuses, while others might defend that they must be ‘too busy’ to write us and update. To the latter I say, BULL. 

Despite whatever Blessings we were promised in our original investment with TCI, those in charge of OUR money lost sight of us long ago. Need we remind them, once again, that it is OUR money they refer to in their updates, and they owe us a full and transparent accounting of that money. As investors, we have the right to know what happened to every cent of our money from the time we gave it to them. Their message is useless. One member described feeling depressed when reading it, since TCI assumes we are still buying the tired message that “all is well“. This member said that, despite their intent, such messages no longer provide any hope and it furthered her resolve and commitment to the Lawsuit and our quest for answers.

From day one “The Club” has relied upon vagueness and secrecy, from the Fax On Demand that provided the elusive wiring instructions, to the phantom Charles Gordon persona that management has used to try to hide their own identities and responsibility. All of our Marketers knew the top people and had all the answers for us when we gave them our hard earned money. We are finding now that these Marketers wish to detach themselves from responsibility to us by saying that they don’t know anything now, including whom to contact for information. I suggest to you that this is an easy out for them: selective amnesia and helplessness. Are they trying to distance themselves in the hopes that they will not be held legally responsible to us for the money they took as Agents for TCI? Have their contacts at the management level also chosen denial and the head in the sand approach?

Perhaps that is the issue right now that needs the most illumination. It appears that the strategy of TCI Managers and Agents is one of denial accompanied by a prayer that we cannot prove their guilt and hold them responsible. Kudos to those of us who have put money into the Class Action Lawsuit which is the only vehicle out there right now that is working to get answers and prove responsibility. For those of you who have been hoping that TCI will come forward and pay us our money eventually, and others who are waiting for some sign that the Lawsuit is the way to go, perhaps this is the time to realize that the Lawsuit is the only way we will get answers and/ or money. Deep down, we all know that they can continue to invent excuses forever, and deny knowledge, but once they are placed into the witness box in Superior Court in front of Judge Rady, the reality of what they are involved in may begin to sink in.

A top Marketer/Agent estimated the principal (funds we put into TCI) at 75 million dollars. Recently, an Agent estimated the funds owing to us, by virtue of the TCI statements, to be between 500 million and a billion dollars. Several Agents have reported proudly to investors that they have each sold over 200 memberships into TCI via Global and NewShore, pocketing 5000 each (1 million dollars plus). We wonder how CRA feels about that information? We have heard rumors of Bill and Ross’ investments, ownership/possession of boats, properties, even resorts, although they have not worked at legitimate employment in many years. Despite their own financial gains, Marketers are reporting limited explanations for the status of our money. One has stated that a major investment is set to pay out and money will return to us after Labor Day. Another went into more detail last month, saying that Ross had told him that disbursements had begun on a limited basis and would soon be coming to us all. Now, if either of those two scenarios was true, wouldn’t they have trumpeted the news in a September 5th TCI posting? 

The word that always seems appropriate to explain TCI management is Arrogance. They have made it increasingly clear that they do not care about us or the promises they have made to us financially. It seems that they are stringing us along, hoping that members will give up, die off, and feel powerless enough to walk away from the money they are owed. My question to you is this…are you prepared to walk away? Are you prepared to let them keep or use your money with no legal ramifications? Are you prepared to accept that your Marketer has no information and doesn’t know where to get answers to your questions?

If you are not prepared to leave TCI behind you, and want answers and return of funds, we suggest that you consider joining the Class Action Lawsuit. We have hundreds of members involved already and together we are financing the costs of obtaining the answers and challenging the arrogance and denials. We plan to hold those responsible accountable and recover whatever funds the courts allow. It is a slow process, but as a group we are not powerless and do not have to fade away into oblivion, allowing these people to succeed in their deceit, and encouraging future activities of this sort. Our Class Action Lawsuit is the only thing holding any of them accountable at this point in time.