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Current scam warnings:

It's tax time again and the CRA phone scam is operating as usual. Scammers phone you and try to scare you into giving them money.If this happens to you, hang up and phone CRA yourself to confirm whether there is an issue.

The RCMP have charged a Toronto man for selling $6 million in fake futures trades. It's interesting that the RCMP actually did some investigation into this case, but perhaps  it is because Securites fraud was involved.

This is an interesting article showing that Judges are seeking longer jail terms for fraudsters. There are similarities to TCI.


Rumours of the arrest of William Rath have been circulating, causing credible investigators to look into this inquiry.  While no known confirmation has been obtained from authorities of Rath's arrest, there have been complaints made by a new set of investors/ victims from the Strathroy area where investment meetings were recently held. Rath has been known to be a participant at these meetings and documents filed with complaints point the finger at Rath as being behind these investment pitches. Investors that are concerned made an inquiry to the Police however no known investigation has been commenced. There is an RCMP warrant for Rath's arrest, but that was for leaving the jurisdiction while being chased by the FBI on the US charges. Those charges have since been dropped by the US but perhaps what is behind the rumours.

Too often in media reporting of financial scams, the impact of the crime on victims is overlooked. This impact is very real and can be devastating.  Read through this article as there is an important message for Canadian Investors.



They are coming. Mareva Injunctions that is.  They’re ordered by a Court, freezing the assets of those suspected of taking, receiving, and absconding with funds that don’t rightly belong to them. The courts freeze everything you own World-wide, including any bank accounts and assets in your name or third parties. Caught lying about anything could land you in the slammer. In this case, (see link) it involves one of the heads of a syndicated mortgage investment scheme, the one that Kevin Rath and his cohort Jeff Watson of Capstone were involved in where investors stand to lose over $110-million. It appears the inspectors are sifting through all financial records of the several entities and those who received prohibited funds from investors could be receiving one of these injunctions


I have had several enquiries from TCI members about the login features on the new website.

There is no login set up so don't worry about that. There are a couple of matters related to

Ross Alexander that are still before the courts and we will report on those once resolved.