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Kevin Rath bragged about his decision to withold tax returns since 1994. CRA will undoubtably find that interesting, along with the question of where the money comes from to support his lifestyle. One of his cash lifelines is ATM machines. It's very possible that the other cash lifeline is Uncle Ross.

Good old 'Charles Gordon' sent an email with many interesting admissions. He clearly admits that TCI was a Ponzi scheme and says they invested in five projects and lost their money in all of them. Either they were incredibly stupid investors, or, more likely, these losses were actually planned shell games where they end up with the funds after pretending to invest. He says "these types of investments are not accessible to any but the ultra elite bankers who control the system" and therefore pretenders like Tony McCreath cannot succeed.

Ross Alexander is believed to have received funds from Rath over the years that Rath's been a fugitive. Is he the source for cash payments to family members? Or, have they lured unsuspecting 'friends' into money laundering for them?

 A member asked about the types of things Bill and Ross have bought their children. Well, back in around 2000 two Sea Do speed boats and jet skis were purchased and placed in Jason Rath's name. Kevin Rath said they were bought by grateful investors.....do you feel grateful? Also, Ross said he purchased new appliances for one of his daughters about two years ago. Larger purchases such as houses, rent payments, cars will also be assessed and the children will be required to pay us back. How do you suppose these children will feel about dear old Dad when this happens? Remember, Bill and Ross can still pay us back to avoid the impact on family members. What do they love more, their children or our money? So far we have our answer.

 Reports detail the ongoing violence in the EMDC, the London area jail. We wonder how Peter Snyder fared while sitting there awaiting transport to a penitentiary. Fear of going into the EMDC should be a deterrent to all local fraudsters.

News reports indicate that the Emergency Scam is back in our area. Seniors are especially targeted. Check with other family members before sending money to anyone contacting you about an urgent need for cash. Also, a scam called the Hitman Scam involves a letter or email suggesting you're on a hit list. Contact Police immediately if you receive such a letter.

During the TTI trial, Ross Alexander testified that he deposited money into a bank account in Anne Rath's name. Records show that this account was at the Bank of Montreal, 295 Boler Road in London, Ontario. Details: Ross deposited 10,000 commission into his Clarke Group bank account at the Bank of Montreal into acct 0319-1015-718 on July 28/2005. On June 29/2005 Ross moved 2000 into Anne Rath's account. Was she getting a piece of the action?