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 Ross Alexander stated;"I am well aware that there are 2 contributors from New Hope Church. They are mad at me and Tony. We haven`t communicated for at least a year." What Ross failed to explain was that he and Tony owed over 100,000 to these investors. He is basically admitting to soliciting and selling securities to these people without a license. Did he receive their funds? Were they placed in a Trust? Why did Pastor Greg of New Hope Church both permit and arrange for Ross to engage with these people?

Recent court proceedings show that the wives of fugitives are charged, convicted and sent to prison just the same way as their husbands. Also, those who have used or allowed their bank accounts to be used to receive or send funds related to Bill Rath could go to jail as well. Ross Alexander testified in court that he deposited money into a bank account owned by Anne Rath....Hmmm.

Thanks to the many members who have sent evidence to us recently. Apparently Ross and Tony failed to consider that all their inflammatory comments and grandiose claims would end up in court documents and in the laps of Ontario Regulators. I've come to learn that Dr. Ross Alexander believes that I am an obsessed, schitzophrenic nutbar! Goodness, is there any medicine for that? By the way, Ross also states that he and Tony have 30 investors in their current scheme.

The ongoing delay stories, involving the return of investor funds, made by Tony McCreath of Costa Rica are a complete fabrication. “Feeble minded at best” say banking experts who reviewed one of McCreath’s statements as to why an investor hasn’t seen any of his money in seven years is “because of not enough supporting documents to make it through clearances.” The only reason for any delays in transferring money from one bank to another is because of outdated technology no matter from what Country the funds are coming from and should only take a few days at most, if there are billions of transfers at one bank, this can cause a backlog and may take up to (30) days but not one or several years,” banking law experts also state. McCreath’s mental health is unstable if he believes his B.S. can get him by any longer. 

Last night, on American Greed, an FBI investigator said:'As with all criminals, they get greedy. That's where all criminals go wrong". I suspect that Ross, plus Ross and Bill's family members will wish Bill Rath had been less greedy. If he'd paid back his victims, this wouldn't be happening to them.
If he paid back victims now, he can still prevent much of what's coming.
It's Bill Rath's choice, as it always has been. Thus far, Rath clearly indicates that he loves his stash of money more than his family and friends.

Ross Alexander and Bill Rath chose to close TCI and divide the profits at the same time they stopped payouts to members, January 2002. Did they tell members it was over? No. They played an ongoing game of promises and stories until 2006 when a judge ordered TCI Frontman Greg Hall to testify. So, why continue the game playing when they knew it was over? Turns out the Ontario Securities Commission requires complaints for frauds within a 6 year time frame. If you have a complaint that is older than that, I encourage you to send it anyway since it shows a pattern.

Thanks to the people who sent in their concerns surrounding their investment with Ross Alexander of London Ontario, who resides at 3668 Homewood Lane and Tony McCreath of Costa Rica. All information has been sent to the examiner. Any further information should now be sent to him directly. Please include any statements of the promised rate of return, the type of investment, ie currency trades, debenture trading programs etc. and the amount you invested along with some of the never-ending promises made by Alexander as to when your money is to arrive and any email correspondence from McCreath and Alexander to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your information will then be assessed for investigation.