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We are getting lots of feedback since the evidence file was posted about Ross Alexander. When he was residing at 35 Andover Dr. London, Ontario in 1978, contemporaries state he was living far beyond his means back then when he was a Branch Unit Manager with Northern life Assurance Company. Another contemporary stated he was way over his head in debt in 1983 while living at 798 Barclay Rd. in Westmount. His wife Carole, in 1996 when the couple was living at 3 Aspen Place in Lambeth, Ontario, must have finally got fed up with his Ross’s addiction to living high off the hog with no supporting income to pay of his debts and dumped him after his bankruptcy. But all his contemporaries that knew him stated basically the same thing, “you couldn’t trust anything that came out of Ross’s mouth.” It’s ironic how even other people, who haven’t invested in one of Ross’s non-existent investments, feel the same way today. 

 Facebook scam announced in the London paper today:

 Anne Rath is putting herself at risk for assisting her fugitive husband William Charles Rath who is wanted by the FBI in the US. The Honourable Mr. Justice Zinn of the Federal Court of Canada wastes no time in finding guilt on people who knowingly, or are aware of and are assisting in hiding a fugitive from the law. This may also include others like family members who are likely running the same risk even if they receive mail on behalf of the wanted fugitive. It is common knowledge that Anne Rath is residing with her husband William Charles Rath and she is knowingly aware he is a wanted fugitive. Any immediate family members who know the whereabouts of Ann Rath should contact the FBI, or your local authorities. Also, people like Ross Clark Alexander who is fully aware of Rath being wanted, has been known to deposit funds into bank accounts in Anne Rath’s name. Anne's photo has been posted in the Photo Album. 

 William Charles Rath is wanted by the FBI for allegedly masterminding a scheme to defraud a satellite provider out of millions of dollars from 1996 to 1999. Rath also is allegedly a mastermind behind a scheme that ripped off investors in a High-Yield Investment scam involving TCI victims in Canada and the U.S. out of tens of millions of dollars from 1996 to 2002 while he was doing his dirty work in the satellite rip-off scheme “This man just cannot stop running scams,” a reliable source states who is probing into the backgrounds of Rath, Ross Clark Alexander of London, Ontario and Mark Anthony McCreath of Costa Rica. It is believed that Rath, on the run from law since June 2006 has a network of people who are assisting him in hiding out that includes members of his family, his wife Ann Rath’s family, and Alexander and McCreath. “It is unlawful to assist any fugitive to avoid apprehension” the U.S. Attorney’s office states. 

 William Rath's FBI Wanted Poster has been added to the Photo Album. That photo was taken as a passport photo just before he took off in June 2006. Ross and Rath's children lied about not knowing where he had gone. It is believed they are all still in communication.

A new article called ROSS ALEXANDER EVIDENCE has been posted under the main menu. It details evidence against this TCI manager.

Just a reminder that the Ontario Securities Commission presentation is Monday at 2:30 (see below). I was just looking at their website which has interesting information.