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At Peter Snyder’s sentencing hearing today, victims voiced the devastating effects caused by believing in Snyder’s Investment scheme. Two of the victims are now suffering from serious health issues as the result of the hardship Snyder caused them after believing the legal documents Snyder provided them were legitimate investments. They were not, yet Snyder told them “isn’t this fun?” All of Snyder’s victims were close relatives who got nothing but empty promises from him that money was coming in, yet even after many years Snyder still insists he wants to make restitution, but showed up in court empty handed. The Crown didn’t buy it and is seeking a 3 year penitentiary term, while Snyder is asking Madame Justice Kelly Gorman for a conditional sentence (house arrest). Snyder will be sentenced on March 6th 2014 at 9:30am. The victims pray for a Prison sentence plus restitution and it would be nice to see them get what they want… 

Protect Your Money: The Ontario Securities Commission is coming to London to discuss frauds and scams. It is at the Kiwainis Seniors Centre at 78 Riverside Drive (at Wharncliffe). Monday March 3 from 2:30 to 4pm.

It looks like the examiners are beginning to probe into the background of Ross Alexander. According to the individual, examiners are finding that Alexander used his position as a life insurance agent to write fictitious applications for the purpose of generating commissions. Bankruptcy Court records was reviewed that discovered a statement of claim made by Mr. Richard Burjoski Managing Partner with Ontario Insurance Agencies Inc. Waterloo On., stating this allegation. Examiners feel Alexander has a chronic pattern of dishonesty and is selling fictitious instruments to the public to generate an income to support his “high cost of living” beyond his means and is one of the motivating factors for him to still carry on with these dishonest acts.

To answer the member who asked about Rath and Alexander buying houses, cars, boats etc for their children: yes, it is likely that TCI money was used to assist family members with major purchases and if proven to be so, they will have to pay us back. I wonder what they'll think of their Daddy when that happens?

Thanks to the people who emailed in their concerns about an investment product in a guaranteed currency trading program. Ross Clark Alexander said funds “will be sent to Tony McCreath who will place them in trust and will be returned in 120 days with half of the amount in earned interest,” stated in Alexander’s own hand writing.

Connie Craddock, Chair, Investor Advisory Panel with the Ontario Securities Commission in regards to investigating in these “High Yield Programs, Bank Guaranteed Debentures, Guaranteed Trading Programs, Currency Trading Programs,” DO NOT EXIST. Returns of 30 or 40 percent-or more are fictitious promises usually made by unlicensed individuals-and they are often frauds. Ross Clark Alexander is a previous bankrupt; he does not qualify as a registered salesperson to sell any investment products under the Securities Act. Furthermore, Mark Anthony McCreath residing in Costa Rica is not a Registered Licenced Broker to trade in any Securities. The Superintendent (Superintendica Genaeral de Valor’s) the Securities Commission in Costa Rica will be informed once several affidavits are signed by investors who gave funds to Alexander who sent them to McCreath. 

The numbers of visitors to this site has risen dramatically with all the recent information. Thanks to everyone for the materials provided to us. Perhaps the time has come where all the nasty dealings of these fraudsters will be uncovered for everyone to see.