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Examiners are looking at Arcadia Resources Ltd. c/o Gregory Hall of Canada, and William Charles Rath, wanted by the FBI, Ross Clark Alexander of London, Ontario Canada, Investor/Promoter. Turks and Caicos Investments (TCI) c/o of the entire above mentioned and International Investment Group (IIG) c/o William Charles Rath, Steven Hawkins, Lars Soderstorm and Mark Anthony McCreath are a "tantamount of fraudulent investments." References to these assertions are from cases that involved the supposedly real investment to support the examiner’s claim. Brenda Leong, Executive Director BCSECOM Tri-West Investment Club (an internet based investment club) et al 2001. Jean P. Whittow, QC and Efrem Swartz Law Society, “It is clear, in addition, they do not produce a return.” J. McKinnon of the Ontario Court of Justice, “utterly overwhelming,” how investors are led to believe these investments exist. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. 

Tony McCreath has been talking about moving to Belize for years now, but since he's never hit the financial jackpot, it has yet to happen. Members question where his money comes from: he's getting profits from investment scams being sold by Alexander and cronies such as Jeannette Macdonald and likely Keith Campbell, Richard Hughes etc. Tony was reported to the Embassy in Costa Rica in the past few years and we would hope they are monitoring his activities. We have never heard of any successful investments in over 12 years of tracking McCreath.

Peter Snyder's sentencing is next Friday, Feb 28th. It will be held in the Woodstock Courthouse at 10am for those who may wish to attend. Snyder is the first of the TCI/TTI group to plead guilty of fraud and is also a lawyer. He plead guilty to defrauding family members.

Wow, it’s still early Friday morning and we have been receiving a series of emails today from the individual who is conducting and compiling facts about Alexander and McCreath's so-called investment scheme and is communicating with front-line examiners. Please read all three of them and email us with any information you might have.

It has come to the attention of the individual who is conducting a search on Alexander and McCreath that Alexander may have his own privately held Ontario numbered corporation. If anyone knows, or has heard Alexander state this, or even better, knows the number of this corporation please inform us immediately. 

An update has been requested by one of the front-line examiners would like to know if any investor/ friend/or acquaintance of Ross Alexander know of any other visible assets other than his residence, cars, or boat Alexander has stated belongs to him. It appears serious attention is beginning to escalate into the mystery of how Alexander has acquired, or has access to the use of such luxurious items after his bankruptcy with no-known bona fide cash resources. Please contact us immediately as this issue has now become a higher level concern. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alexander is skilled at convincing people that an investment with Tony McCreath is real. Even though the promised returns don’t come in after days, weeks, months or even years after the promised dates of maturity, Alexander will still try to convince you your investment is real, even after a decade the money hasn’t come in on these high-yield quick returns and investor funds that are fully secured, they are not. Front-line examiners who have received a preliminary report from the individual who is conducting background searches on the alleged investments of McCreath and Alexander are beginning to take notice, they want to see more!!! Please send us any information about your involvement with these two individuals. 

Those of you who responded to my Feb 17th question strongly believe that all of Rath's children (Kevin, Sharon, Mark, Jason and Kristin), plus partner Ross Alexander are thieves if they are receiving ongoing cash payments from Rath. They clearly know about our group of victims. I wonder if Ross' two daughters receive financial benefits as well? I hope that some day soon they will all be forced to pay us back.