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The Photo Album is up and running again and Duncan Goheen's photo has been added. Duncan participated in Global seminars working for Omnicorp.

While watching a Vancouver tv program, there was an excellent commercial about financial fraud and it also referred to a website I highly recommend. Ontario needs this program: BeFraudAware.ca

A member has requested that this be posted. Duncan Goheen is known to many TCI victims through his connection to Global (IGP):
"Duncan Goheen should be on your scammers list.
The RCMP tell me they have not had any other complaints against Duncan Goheen and his Global Institute charity scam or his involvement with Landmark Capital.
I would like to put a blurb on tcirevealed urging others to file an official fraud complaint against him by contacting the Kelowna RCMP Detachment, 350 Doyle Ave.. Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6V7."

The individual who is doing searches on Tony McCreath and Ross Alexander’s alleged investments met with an Official Bank Investment Compliance Officer [Lawyer]. After his review the officer asserted, “the chances of this being an outright theft of investor’s money is extremely high.” He also states, “the manner in which McCreath responds to clients' requests and concerns is not up to the standards of any investment fund manager. He said: this isn't an investment, it's theft.

Either some kind of group is involved or someone is messing with me ....we show almost 800 visitors so far today. Anyone care to contact me? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

: An individual who is conducting a thorough background check into Tony McCreath and Ross Alexander states that they are playing a very well planned out manipulative and deceitful scheme. Ross Alexander is passing himself off as an agent for an investment “guru” Tony McCreath who lives in Costa Rica. Alexander, will state to would-be investors that he trusts McCreath with his life, and all investment monies are totally guaranteed. There are no such investments whatsoever according to the findings of this individual. A recent statement made by one of the CEOs of a company McCreath supposedly was raising money for was, “Tony McCreath is full of B.S.” [Short form for Bull Sh_t] When customers start pressing for their money, McCreath and Alexander work together as a team offering up excuses galore for the delays in paying back any returns. Professional investment advisors who