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We've been asked about Peter Snyder and his relationship to TCI. Snyder was a Marketer of TCI from the Woodstock area. After TCI he was charged in the TTI Investment, outlined in an article under the Main Menu. The charges which led to his current incarceration involved funds defrauded from his family members. It hasn't been uncommon to see professional men, who have the education and opportunities to be successful in the legitimate world, turn to fraud.

Peter Snyder, former lawyer and TCI Marketer, has recently been disbarred. He was sentenced to three years in prison in March 2014 for three counts of fraud over 5000. Now, the Law Society of Upper Canada has revoked his licence to practice law after finding him guilty of professional misconduct.

A money laundering scheme using a promise of lottery winnings has resulted in arrests of 2 London area people and some in Toronto. It's odd that the names have not been released. 

Holiday Season is upon us and we wish everyone a joyful time with family and friends.

Years ago we had heard of a scheme being run in the Sarnia area. The perpetrator of this Ponzi scheme has been sentenced to 6 years in prison after being convicted last December of 28 fraud related charges. John Paul Baron, 55, of the Toronto area, was convicted of stealing 3 million dollars from duped investors.
Bill Rath and Ross Alexander's TCI scheme brought in tens of millions of dollars stolen from several hundred investors. We wonder how much prison time that should be worth?

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all! To TCI members, we have much to be thankful for this year. Ross Alexander is in bankruptcy and Kevin Rath has been exposed after obtaining a mortgage agents' licence. We are thankful that the Bankruptcy Courts and Financial Services Agency are willing to look into their activities.

 Despite the cease and desist order, Capstone seems to be continuing the same advertising, seen in London, Komoka and Strathroy. Since they still promise 8% returns, in writing etc, we wonder what product they are promoting now? It's interesting that their ads do not list their name...perhaps this is to keep consumers from checking up on Capstone online before their appointment!