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To Capstone Investors: If you have concerns about your investment, contact the FSCO and reference this posting: https://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/about/enforcement/cdo/Pages/ico-capstone-watson-ext.aspx

Capstone Financials has been ordered to "cease and desist", to stop selling mortgage-related investments or face fines up to $200,000 or jail time. After reports were made to the FSCO in March, they have obviously continued their investigations and concluded that this company should not be selling mortgages. No mention is made of the fate of Kevin Rath, the agent who was originally acting as mortgage broker with Watson. http://eedition.lfpress.com/epaper/viewer.aspx

Is your own phone number calling you? Phone scammers are somehow phoning you on your own number. They are also moving from 1-800 numbers to your local numbers so you'll pick up the phone. WestJet, Air Canada and Marriott Hotel Chain are named fraudulently in Ontario and the scammers are likely after your personal information and money. Never give personal information to a person who called you, unless you know them.

Capstone Financials seems to still be generating concern from members who report their signs around London and Strathroy are still advertising 8% fixed returns. These are the same signs that they used to promote Syndicated Mortgages but have been prohibited from selling such instruments by the FSCO.


Kevin Rath operated out of Capstone and somehow obtained a mortgage brokers' licence (without the credentials) and we are guessing that money laundering for daddy was planned. Then again, perhaps we're wrong and Kevin wanted to hold a real job after living off of funds from an ATM machine for the past 20 years. But his ability to obtain a licence is questionable as he has no known banking background of a legitimate nature.

 Finally! Gary Sorenson and Milowe Brost were sentenced today in a Calgary courtroom to 12 years in prison each. They ran a massive Ponzi scheme and it has taken years to get through the courts. It is good to see criminal masterminds who steal from everyday Canadians sent to prison. We would like to see Police investigating more financial fraud criminals. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/gary-sorenson-and-milowe-brost-get-12-years-in-prison-for-ponzi-scheme-1.3170551

The following warning has been sent in by a TCI member: Koinonia Investment Club: This group is a religious group with a church/center in Woodstock. They are apparently touting 'wonderful' investments for their members .There is some connection to a London church.. North Park on Fanshawe. I am 
hearing about some of my kin who have been approached to invest in Koinonia-related investments. When I search for this bunch in USA I find such items as:


Has North Park a/o Koinonia ever been brought to your attention?
It certainly seems that most of these schemes have their genesis in a 
Christian community and this bunch are using the very same approach as all the others such as TCI.

"You're a predator. You're a fraud. You're really a menace to the community in so many different ways". Ontario Court Justice Wayne Rabley was speaking in court about local fraudster Roy Nevill, but he could be saying the same thing to Bill Rath, Kevin Rath and Ross Alexander.