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Here is a National Post article about Alberta fraudsters who are being sentenced to jail time. http://business.financialpost.com/2012/09/28/alberta-securities-commission-levies-54-million-in-fines-in-massive-fraud/

On behalf of all TCI victims we want to thank Justice Grace for giving this bankruptcy court case the time and focus that it deserved. It was clear that he had read the hundreds of pages of witness evidence and developed a clear understanding of the predatory behavior involved in the case. He truly saw and understood the years of promises and stories that all led to nothing but words, and he empathized with our struggle.

ROSS CLARK ALEXANDER IS BANKRUPT again. This morning in Superior Court of Ontario, Justice Grace ordered Ross into bankruptcy and labelled him a Flim Flam man, a very bad man and a man with a litany of consistent lies. He even commented that he doubted that Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath ever had a legitimate investment.

The movie Groundhog Day always makes me think of the ongoing baloney that TCI gave us in their monthly newsletters. Every month, the same thing again. Have a look at the Memory Lane article and understand that evidence shows that Ross Alexander and Bill Rath chose to close up in January 2002, the point at which withdrawals stopped. So, all those months and years of stories were just to keep members off their back and avoid reports to police. Were the Marketers told to develop amnesia? It's also possible the Marketers were quiet to protect (themselves) from CRA finding out about their cash income from TCI commissions. 

Bill Rath admits he's a crook !!: Taken from the Supreme Court of Canada, Case 31037, William Charles Rath V. United States of America, et al: " Mr. Rath is alleged to have committed acts in the United States which were criminal acts in that country at the alleged time of commission. On appeal, he conceded that they were criminals in Canada, not only when the Authority to Proceed was issued, but also at the alleged time of commission." I wonder if he's telling family members the truth? 

There's been an interest expressed about what some of the TCI Marketers are up to these days. Forward any info to us and we'll prepare an update. It's remarkable that not one of them ever stepped forward to help victims. They may be afraid that CRA will start asking questions about all those hundreds/thousands of 5000 commissions, often in cash. Even Ross bragged about receiving around 200 commissions. Hmm, he was bankrupt at that time. I wonder if he reported that cash to the trustee? Not likely since he seemed to spend much of it on the massive renovations after he moved in. Those renovations were reportedly paid in cash.