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Ted Long appears to have moved to Woodstock. His updated address and phone number are in Marketer Info.

With the holiday season coming up, we wonder how the Rath family are dealing with the fact that Bill and Anne have still not returned home despite having the US charges dropped last Spring?
What's up with that? It's looking as if something else is preventing them from coming home. This is not surprising considering Bill's past criminal involvement with the satellite card fraud and the TCI fraud. Perhaps they are also working with Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath on current schemes.

 Just Say No!! No matter how convincing, how much he whines or cries, do NOT give money to Ross Alexander. Victims have reported Ross has cried and convinced victims that he needs money desperately, and despite their knowing better, they've still given him money. Also, it's time to repeat the warning that SENIORS are a particular target. Watch out for "friendly visits" from Ross or colleagues like Richard Hughes who is reported to target seniors, starting with visits.

Ross once wrote that he wouldn't be able to show his face around town if he was guilty of all the things we've been saying about him. Well, the facts prove his guilt, yet he seems to have the audacity to continue operating right in the midst of past victims. There is something very wrong with that. Unemployed for 15+ years, living on a lavish estate. His visible net worth does not support his lifestyle...but he's told victims that he has offshore funds. 

Ross Alexander was seen shopping yesterday in a store near many TCI victims. He appeared nervous and was looking over his shoulders. I wonder what it's like to live your life wondering when the next person will confront you? Kevin Rath literally ran away from a victim who wanted to speak with him. I say "Good", their discomfort is small solace to their victims.

Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay says victims of crime will soon be able to collect compensation from the criminals who wronged them. A study shows Canadian victims suffer close to $100 billion in losses each year. There are many flaws still present in the system but it's a step towards mandating compensation.

 Victims of Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath are still reporting the use of Promissory Notes. If you've been given one, look closely at the promised date of repayment. They will give you endless excuses to delay you from going to police or the courts within the two year period you have to collect from them. Also, beware of the illusion of wealth that Ross will present to you. Ross' wealth comes from victim money. Don't allow yourself to become one!