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Here is an interesting link to ongoing scams involving syndicated mortgages:


The human side of investor frauds: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/03/05/he-said-everything-was-on-the-line-edmonton-man-takes-own-life-after-being-defrauded-out-of-300000
Scammers like Bill Rath, Kevin Rath, Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath seem to lack any compassion for their victims. They neutralize their role by blaming their victims.

 It appears the financial investment meetings held by Rath and company have ceased for the time being. We wonder what they've been cooking up lately. However, notice to investors: always remember, in these get rich quick investment schemes, the pitchman only has your wallet as his best interest, not you or your family.

Beware of New Canadian Owned Private Banks developing throughout Canada. This is a new avenue fraudsters are hiding behind to entice investors into handing over their hard-earned money. It doesn’t take much to set one up. Everything that is needed is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars, two directors on the account (usually a lawyer, accountant and the owner of the account) and the trustee of the money. Then they’re off pitching high yield investments where investor funds are deposited into a facilitated Canadian chartered bank account which is then sent off to an offshore bank for some wild and crazy "gold mine" investment that never exists. It has been reported that meetings have taken place in the Strathroy area pitching this investment concept. Anne Rath could be the ideal puppet as a trustee for one of these private banks, since she has been one all along with her hubby Bill’s assets hidden under her own name. 

 It has come to the attention of observant and thorough analysts that during the short term Kevin Rath had a Mortgage Agent License he was involved with a group of others, some licensed mortgage brokers and others not, in a massive syndicated mortgage pitch operation. Records indicate that during his time as an agent over one hundred ten-million dollars was raised with syndicated investors earning mortgage agents, brokers and non-license individuals a whopping seventeen and half million dollars in commissions. Shortly after the expiration of Kevin’s License several of the syndicated mortgage projects ran into default. Just what Kevin actually earned hasn’t been proven yet, however, there is a new trustee on the scene that may go after those who made several hundred thousand off the operation. Beware Kevin, you might be one of them and they may be coming after you.

This didn’t take long: The FSCO has asked a court to appoint a Bankruptcy Trustee to oversee and administer (110 million dollars in Syndicated Mortgage) Investor funds from all those mentioned on the recent postings. 16 Development projects, all by the same Developer, are now under a court appointed trustee to recover investor funds. 
Kevin Rath was the in-house agent for Capstone in London which sold the above projects.
The issue now is: where did these funds go?


The FSCO is cracking down on syndicated mortgages and the Brokers and Agents passing them off as secure and sound investments. The FSCO are revoking the licenses of two brokers and an agent who violated some of the Acts. These same brokers and agent are the ones where Jeff Watson, previously running as Capstone Financial and The 8% Guys in London was referring potential syndicated mortgage investors. It was also where Kevin Rath worked as an agent for Dominion Mortgage. Rath’s License is now expired, but it has been reported that large in-house meetings were held in the area where his residence is, along with what appears to be one his father’s motor homes which was parked where a meeting was taking place.