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 We heard from another victim of Ross and Tony today and are grateful that the website provides a clear warning NOT to deal with these men. Police and the Ontario Securities Commission need to realize that Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath are still operating and creating victims. Time to shut them down!!

 Here is an article outlining the Gary Sorenson/Milo Brost ponzi scheme from Western Canada. The description of the scam is identical to Rath and Alexander's management of the TCI scheme. :http://beaconnews.ca/blog/2014/09/gary-sorenson-milowe-brost-alleged-ponzi-scheme-trial-begins/ 

From a Michigan TCI member: "In 1999 and 2000 Ross Alexander would come to many of our monthly TCI meetings in metro Detroit we had with Gary Haner, our TCI Team Captain, and he would make presentations about TCI.
This is an invitation to Ross Alexander for him to come to metro Detroit and give us a TCI update. He is long over due. If he has concerns about visiting metro Detroit, we will be glad to visit London, Ontario and spend the day with him. Please arrange through Gary Haner."

Although the main players in TCI and recent scams have been Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath, we hope that Investigators don't overlook the roles played by Marketers such as Ted Long, who acted as an Introducer for Ross and Gary Vanleeuwen who brought in huge numbers of Mennonites with Aber Louen of Alymer. These men brought in large numbers of investor/victims at five thousand US dollars commission each, often in cash. We wonder how much of that income was reported in their taxes? That is likely the reason that not one single Marketer has come forward to help the victim group.

 One of my fellow Nut Bars objects to the things that Ross has called me. He says 'I'm glad you're still keeping up the pressure. It takes a very strong person with resolve and tenacity to continue and that's why I look up to you. You're more the " Iron Lady ". You're tough as nails like Margaret Thatcher was and so deserve the title. I think you should be knighted and then you can throw those nefarious bums in the dungeon." Dame Nancy sounds nice!

My My, Ross isn't a fan! #slander. In Dec 10/12 he wrote: REMEMBER,Nancy is a very sick lady who is on medication for depression and schitzophrenia.She has CREATED WHATEVER STORIES SHE WANTS TO.
What you fail to realize is her support is non existent except for a few fellow `NUT BARS`
She will then develop a story that she and ALL TCI or TCIR people are ENTITLED TO MONEY FROM TONY AND YET WHAT HAS SHE GIVEN US IN THE LAST 6-7 YEARS.............................GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you a potential investor checking out Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath? Beware of any investment with these men. For confirmation of their criminal behavior, read the Bkg Facts for Investigators and other evidence under the Main Menu. You can contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Ross refers to me as "that crazy lady" because of his inability to defend the facts presented on this site.