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 Message to William Charles Rath: It is of the utmost importance that you, or your lawyer, or a family member or someone who can relay a message to you contact Mr. Hans Kortig via this email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately. Failure to do so within the next 45 days WILL result in matters going out of our hands. DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. It is to your advantage to respond a.s.a.p. The information we want to speak with you about is unrelated to any of the TCI, Arcadia, IIG, and pending class-action lawsuit matters. 

Received from an Expert: "While the liars, swindlers and con-artist may suffer from a variety of mental illnesses such as narcissistic personality disorder, Ross Alexander, Tony McCreath and especially Willam Rath are much like the sadists who enjoy inflicting pain on their victims and don’t give a damn whom they hurt. People like Kevin Rath, who emulates the same traits of his own father, may at some time suffer from a different mental disorder that could lead to a mental breakdown, or even a brief psychotic episode where they actually see things that aren’t really there. The bottom line is, all of their identity is made up of fantasies of one type or another, fantasies that they believe to be true. " We strongly suggest that repayment of money to victims would go a long way in stabilizing their mental health issues. Family members would not feel as much paranoia or fear of reprisal from victims.

Recommended reading: a member forwarded this lengthy article on another apparent scammer from the IGP seminars. Fred and Derek Elliott and the Sun Village project in the Dominican Republic:

 I received this comment: "Criminal thinking: everyone from time to time has criminal thinking, whether it be to run a red light when there is no oncoming traffic or desperately desiring to meet someone who you despise in a Cemetery next to a newly large deep hole. When it comes to acting on them though, for most of us a moral compass kicks in to prevent us from hurting others, the community, our families and ultimately ourselves. But when it comes to ripping off others, people that don’t have a moral compass in this regards like Ross Alexander, Tony McCreath and Bill Rath go straight for it without an ounce of feelings for whom they are hurting." It must make them feel smart and powerful. But when do they have enough...ever? The overwhelming opinion of victims is that these people need to be shut down permanently. We hope the investigators give every one of them the maximum charges possible.

Examiner Baffled : There are misfits and scumbags like Tony McCreath and Ross Alexander who love making a living ripping off innocent people for their money. They are just as sick as the rapists and pedophiles emotionally and intellectually. What’s baffling is they both have the ability to make an honest living, but when it comes to an opportunity for them to commit a financial rape, a process of maladaptive thinking must kick in that prevents them from realizing what they are doing to others and their families and the community. The ability to scam is more appealing than simply making an honest living. 

Wow, over 3 times the normal traffic yesterday! Investigators must be busy reviewing the data posted on this site. We hope they find numerous charges to lay on these parasites who still appear to be actively running their con games today. They need to be stopped! 

It continues to gratify me that this website is helping shut down Ross Alexander and Tony McCreath's ability to conduct business. The website has been generally busy and we've received thanks from another group who feel as if the website saved their money being lost.
All those affected likely wish they'd paid us back years ago to avoid the consequences of our investigations. It's never too late!