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A member writes: That's pretty shabby of Bill Rath to use his wife as a shield in his con games. What did he suppose would happen to her when they got caught? Does the family realize why they're never coming home or is Rath stringing them along with more stories about government harassment?

 Frontmen revisited: It occurred to me that Bill Rath purposely placed his wife into the position of 'frontman' in order to protect himself. Her name has appeared on several holdings and that is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Is that why he left his first wife, to get a weak and malleable cover for himself?

 Happy Canada Day! Investigators believe that Tony McCreath may be in the UK or Spain these days. Perhaps Costa Rica got too "hot" for him.

Received from an Examiner: Not only is Tony McCreath in concert with Ross Alexander offering up phony excuses as to why investor funds haven't arrived, he is also in concert with what appears to be money laundering. After a review of some of the financial transactions between these two B.S. artists, it appears investor funds are sent back to Alexander through a wire transfer into one of Ross's bank accounts under the name of Clark Group. 

 Kevin Rath loved to brag about refusing to file taxes since 1994. The implication was that he was smarter than everyone else and he also had nothing registered in his own name, thus making him creditor proof. I wonder how many of the Rath and Alexander family members have followed this plan? That said, it's likely that family members have been receiving cash payments.

 A reader commented: "One of the reasons why there have been no sitings of Bill Rath now that he is no longer a wanted fugitive could be because the CRA wants to go over his records. He wouldn’t dare file his tax returns while on the run from the law, that would be just stupid of him. And just what was he living on over the several years while in hiding? Obviously undeclared income, CRA would definitely want to know where the money came from and demand him to produce his financial records." Would that include Anne Rath as well?

 Recent scammers' appeal on their charges and sentencing: http://www.lfpress.com/2014/05/25/sentences-remain-unchanged-while-restitution-order-changes-for-one