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There have been no reported Bill Rath sitings. The Rath family members must be excited that he'll be home again. Also, Anne and her family will be happy to be together again. Please let us know when you make a Bill Rath siting! Perhaps he'll spend the summer season up in Muskoka again. We're at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Another area ponzi scheme hit the news today and this time the RCMP investigated. This was likely due to the fact that the Introducer (part of the grooming process) was Hon. Joe Fontana, MP who vouched for his pal Vincent Ciccone, of Kitchener. Previous area Ponzi schemes such as TCI also used Introducers extensively, often from the Church. We wonder if Richard Hughes was also involved in sales of this scheme.

Following the purchase of 3668 Homewood Lane for 640,000 cash, it has been said that Ross Alexander subsequently used a "suitcase full of cash" to renovate the house. Is that how Bill and Anne Rath financed their home in Uniondale?

According to public records, it appears some of the proceeds from the illegal activities in the U.S. satellite fraud William Charles Rath was involved in went into the hands of his wife, Anne Marie Rath. From the time-line the Uniondale property was purchased, records show just Anne as the purchaser. Neither Bill nor Anne had a legitimate income during the time they lived there and until this opulent estate sold for $608,000 in 2006. Was this a ploy to hide her husbands' ill-gotten money? The property was sold just before Rath and his wife went into hiding, but, were the monies ever declared to CRA as income in order to show how Anne could obtain a net worth this size? 

 Members are enquiring about the recent dropping of US charges against Bill Rath, asking if he bought his way out (with our money). We can confirm that he offered 18 million dollars to the US authorities before running away in 2006, so it could certainly be true that he made another offer and it was accepted. If true, it shows just what money can buy!

Yesterday's posting"Bkgd Facts for Investigators" is getting rave reviews: "That new report recently reported on TCI's web-site is just awesome". Our thanks to the Examiner for all the hard work.

 Attention Investigators: Updated data from the Examiner has been posted under the Main Menu: Background Facts for Investigators.