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 We were contacted recently by an individual who has been investigating Ross Alexander. He reports that he had initially been referred to Ross for help with a local man having problems with alcohol. This individual subsequently spoke to several local Pastors about Ross and was referred to the media coverage reported by Jane Sims in the London Free Press. She detailed the TTI trial and Ross’ involvement with Robert Hoiting who was also referred to Ross for troubles with alcoholism back in 2007, but lost $100,000 of his mother’s money within a month, in an investment Ross assured was good. This individual thanked us for our up-to-date postings about Ross and his friends, and gave kudos to Jane Sims. We hope the danger to another potential victim has been averted. 

 Investigators note: Documents posted on page 2 of the photo album show evidence of the purchase of Ross Alexander’s residence for cash before he was discharged from bankruptcy, his non-disclosure to his trustee in bankruptcy of a $30,000 asset he purchased during bankruptcy, and his name posted on an Anglo Irish bank statement showing credits to his name. These documents are followup to my Apr 10 posting.

Family of Bill Rath and Ross Alexander should be aware that Bill still appears to covet money over family. He has made no attempt to repay victims of his TCI ponzi scam, despite the risks to family members who have lived off stolen funds for many years and will soon be held accountable. Perhaps he is feeling invincible and assumes we'll eventually go away. After running this site for 9 years now, we have no intention of going away and will continue to do all we can to recover victim funds.

We've been notified that government officials have been on my website. Hmm, investigating Ross, Tony and Bill Rath and their band of friends perhaps? Welcome! I've got to say it's about time!

Ross Alexander should be paying more attention to telling the truth, especially when it comes to answering truthfully at examination hearings with his trustee in bankruptcy. The RCMP’s Integrated Bankruptcy Enforcement Unit doesn’t take kindly to failing to answer questions Fully and Truthfully, and may lay criminal charges related to fraud and the abuse of the bankruptcy process. It seems that Alexander kept a 30,000 Arcadia investment asset to himself while he was a bankrupt and did not disclose this to his Trustee, PriceWaterhouse. The other issue that seems to be in question is about the house he resides in at 3668 Homewood Lane which kicks into this RCMP media link…

 From an Examiner: Ross Alexander has been up to some pretty devious tricks over the past few years. Signed statements made by him promising to pay back tens of thousands in loans “when monies are released from the investment known as T.C.I. investment club” is a complete fabrication made by Alexander. Alexander knows full well that no funds will be coming in from T.C.I. T.C.I. was nothing more than scam and Alexander knows it. The nerve of this scoundrel to misrepresent security to innocent people! Rath did the same trick with IIG, presenting investors with a useless insurance policy (for which he paid 30,000 for one year) could never be used by investors, but provided "comfort" to investors and helped get their money.